The Baby Sprinkle invite!

I know, I know! Here I am slacking on the blog. April has been a very busy month for me. Between work, and finishing the content of the website here, I had a few small clients that needed attention as well. One of which was a baby sprinkle invite!

Now I have to admit that I had no idea what a sprinkle was, or how to address it. Turns out a sprinkle is just a small get together for a few things that you might have given away or things that didn’t last too long. Who would  have thunk that you can’t use diapers more than once! So very plain and simply I wanted it to have a watercolor theme to it. I thought of sprinkles and water, so it made sense to me. I did some quick searching for baby elephant vectors, because it can “Sprinkle” with its trunk. I found one and began manipulating colors and a couple of lines on it til I got something I liked.

For the background I wanted some watercolor brush strokes, that was pretty easy to find, and I started stretching and working with that until I had a decent backdrop. I added a paper overlay to give it some texture so that it didn’t feel smooth to the eye. It was my intention for this to be a very “crafty” styled project. The colors were going to be very basic. I wanted to originally just use blues, but it wasn’t providing enough contrast for me, and I ended up using grey as well.


Before I placed the elephant I needed the water drops, so I just grabbed my round brush and did some rough shapes. I almost made them symmetrical, but that wouldn’t have totally worked with the watercolor brush style I wanted. So I gave them a little overlay of different blues to vary them, and that worked out pretty good. I don’t have any screenshots from that part of the process because I had gotten into the moment.

Another change I ended up making was the color of the elephant. He started blue, but against the blue of the background it felt lost. So I changed him to a classic grey, and he popped much better in the final product. Since I have to keep my clients details, I blurred out the final text due to it not being a business. I don’t think she would wanted all 2 of the random people reading this showing up with a pack of diapers for the raffle.

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