A Baby Sprinkle?

So I have a new project on the books. A “Baby Sprinkle” invitation. Now I was a little curious exactly what a sprinkle was, so I had to inquisitively ask. Apparently it is when you don’t need a full baby shower, and it’s just a small gathering for another bundle of joy added to the family. I did a little research for sprinkle items and found some vector elephants to use. I will more than likely use some drops as well, and probably make my own umbrella. I want to use watercolor splashes for it to help emphasis a “Sprinkle”.

I still have a little research to do, and I have to get all the details for the invite. I think I can get a working prototype out tomorrow, or possibly even this evening. I will more than likely do a blog post about it, and take a few screenshots along the way as I try to go over the process. The color pallet is going to be very important for this one, as it is going to need to be very soft without bold changes. That however will be for another day, and a much longer post.

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