Only one page left!

Well it looks like I have a good amount of my completed work set up in the portfolio now. With the exception of the About Me page, this site doesn’t look half bad. For a while there I wasn’t sure when I would be able to get this site published again. It seemed as if I would never have enough time to sit down and get things in decent working order. Time always seems to be the key factor. You often hear people say “Make time”. Well no, we can’t actually make time for things, what you can do is stop dedicating time to other things. Resetting priorities is always challenging, and do so to relaunch the site correctly was definitely something that I needed to do. I can thankfully say though that thanks to the tech support, I was able to get things moving, and make it happen.

There are probably a few things that I should add to the gallery, such as a lot of the social media work I have done, and even some of the helmet designs that I made during my time as a vehicle wrap designer. For now though, I am very happy with how it looks, and the progress that has been made.

Just a designer with a dream to eat Burritos.

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