Remember to save your work!

So let this be a lesson to myself and of course everyone out there. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK.

As you all know I have been punching away at this site for the last month with my free time trying to dial things in. I decided that a FAQ page would be great to have, and cover some basic questions. So for the last hour I have been going back and forth with myself over what questions to be on it, and what answers would cover the most ground. I had about 12 questions in there with some fairly good answers. Everything looked pretty good,and I felt pretty accomplished for the day.

That’s when I made a fatal error. I forgot to click save. I know, I know, I should know better, and I am paying for that mistake. So here I am thinking of everything that I had in that list, because I was freehanding it and just typing it in the site rather than making a seperate list and doing a copy paste. So kids the moral of the story is to click that little save button as often as you can.

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