More than meets the eye.

So there are infact even more challenges with this theme than I anticipated. I had an original date in mind for when I wanted to relaunch my site here to display my work in more of a streamlined fashioned, but working with this wordpress theme seems to be harder than I though.

I work  a regular job right now to help pay the bills so I don’t have all the time to dedicate towards sitting here for hours on end looking for ways to improve and make the site better. Instead I look at a few hours here and there to do them. I am also trying to balance my life behind the screen and away from it. Making sure I do have time to see people, take my girlfriend out for things, and even do things by myself such as the movies. (Black Panther was amazing go see it.)

So I suppose I should infact get back to work, and find out what exactly I am missing so that I can accurately get this site off the ground.

Just a designer with a dream to eat Burritos.

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