Frustration and Clarity

I am the smartest dumb person that I know. So for the last couple of weeks I have hit some dead ends as far as updating the look of my website. I needed it to be multifunctional across all platforms for people to see, and I knew that wordpress would offer that function easily.

The last couple of weeks the only thing that seems to happen easily is the blog feature. Which brings me to the main reason for today’s blog. The biggest asset of my website is to display my graphic design work to show everyone what I can do, and what I can offer to them as a potential client or employer. I had been going back and forth trying to figure out why I wasn’t seeing everything displayed by the tags or why the portfolio page itself was blank with only titles on it. Now I am just as stubborn as the rest of us when it comes to trying to figure things out, and why I can’t make something work. I did some research, a little googling, and even looked at a few articles on possibilities of what would have been wrong.

Finally on Sunday night I gave in and contacted tech support for the theme that I had purchased, sent them a screenshot, and waited. This morning I had mail. They asked me one question that I had not considered.

Tech Support
Have you added feature image in individual portfolio page?

Granted I saw this while I was laying in bed. After a less than lustrous Daylight savings time I was still a little groggy from the day before. I ate a piece of string cheese and sat in front of my computer and added a few “Feature Images” to some of the content in my portfolio. Suffice to say it worked. Images were now showing up in the designated portfolio section, and tagged images were now being displayed with each other. It was so simple, and yet I never looked to that category, because I treated that particular field as a blog feature for images to be displayed over the start of content.

So there you have it. In the end, sometimes you have to ask for help, and it may end up being a very obvious answer. In this case I am glad that I didn’t get super far into filling the portfolio content, because I would have had to go back and add the feature image to each one of the posts. Not that it would have been hard given what I actually now know, still though it’s much easier to do it right the first time around.

Having said that I have a full day of gallery building to do so that I can properly launch this website instead of just going in and editing the date that the website will launch.

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