All lights are green…we have a go.

It’s here. You know for a brief period of time I didn’t think that the site was going to happen anytime soon. What with the constant roadblocks of learning a new system and outside things getting in the way, it seemed like it would take months to get the site off the ground.

Yet here I am! Here it is! I almost feel like I am proudly showing off my first child to the world. In a way though this kind is my child. Certainly not my first born since I have had my website since 2003. Seems like a lifetime ago, and while I have had it that long, it has also gone through many looks, styles and changes of its own. There were of course times that I would forget to update things on it, and end up spending a good afternoon adding new logos, and various designs to it. Going through the previous site versions has been an interesting trip down memory lane. Seeing how I have evolved as a designer, reminds me of where I was skillswise. Noticing techniques that I learned, that I previously didn’t understand.

I look forward to the future with my website, and the blog as it is. I also look forward to new projects as they manifest themselves along with the challenges that may be presented. Here’s to the future and what it may hold!

Just a designer with a dream to eat Burritos.

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