New Project on the Horizon

Still working away on the website. I had a long weekend of work with the regular job, so I wasn’t able to get to any of the “to do list” that I wanted to. I still plan on finishing up the FAQ section today, and will hopefully get the Gallery into better order. For now I may make individual sections for the various types of work that I have done so far until I can get the portfolio filter working correctly.

For today though, I have a little project to work on. It is going to be a baby announcement for a department change. They gave me a small mock up that they intend to run with, so I offered to give them something else a little snazzier to help boost the presence of the announcement. Hopefully I take enough screen shots of that project along the way, because I would really like to use that as a basis for how I really want this blog to function. As I continue to have this portion of the site be updated regularly, I want everyone to see how I work on things in a bit more detail. So I will try and make this part of that.

I am sure there will be some things to work out a long the way, and I know I will probably forget a few steps here or there from being “In the moment”. Til that moment comes though, you are just going to have to deal with the blog and way I work as is.
February is almost over, and it’s a bit cold and rainy here in Southern California currently. We had some good rain last year, but this year has been pretty much a struggle. I best be off though, this project isn’t going to design itself. Happy designing everyone!

Just a designer with a dream to eat Burritos.

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